Wellness Strategic Plan

Executive Summary

Vision: To be the healthiest university and community on the globe.

Mission: We exist to facilitate the highest levels of wellness for faculty, staff and students across the university and community. 

Definition: Wellness is the optimal state of living well, regardless of an individual’s spectrum of health. It encompasses nine dimensions, including physical, intellectual, emotional, social, career, creative, financial, environmental and spiritual well-being. 

Rationale: A growing body of research evidence indicates that employees and students who have higher levels of wellness: (a) are more engaged, productive, and satisfied, (b) perform at higher levels, including academics, (c) miss less work and school, and (d) are at a lower risk for the development of chronic disease, which accounts for more than 75% of U.S. healthcare spending. Eighty-four percent of Ohio State faculty and staff believe that it is important for the university to promote and support the health and well-being of all Buckeyes.