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Buckeye Wellness is part of the university-wide health and wellness initiative striving to make Ohio State the healthiest campus in the world. Under the leadership and direction of Chief Wellness Officer and Vice President of Health Promotion Bernadette Melnyk, Buckeye Wellness provides innovative and evidence-based programs to help individuals optimize their well-being, based on the nine dimensions of wellness. We’re working diligently to make healthy choices easier for faculty, staff and students — through awareness and education, programs, activities and events.

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Buckeye Wellness Team

Image of Bern Melnyk, Chief Wellness Officer for The Ohio State University
Vice President for Health Promotion; University Chief Wellness Officer
Megan Amaya
Director of Health Promotion and Wellness; Co-Director of Health and Wellness Innovation in Healthcare
Lauren Battista
Wellness Program Manager; Director, Buckeye Wellness Innovators
Brenda Buffington
Wellness Program Manager; Director of Health Athlete Program
Josh Winn headshot
Wellness Program Manager; Co-Facilitator, Buckeye Wellness Innovators
Rebecca Momany
Executive Assistant to Bernadette Melnyk
David Gerad
David Gerad
Senior Strategist, Marketing and Communications

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